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Writing Blog Posts That Are Helpful To Your Potential Clients

I recently spoke at the ultimate luxury wedding conference engage! in the Cayman Islands. It was a dream come true to be able to share my small business blogging advice with the attendees. I had to put my wedding garters aside for the week and put my  blogging hat on. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! I remember live blogging my first engage! conference in 2009 in Las Vegas and my oh my, how have things changed in the world since then!?

At engage!, I talked about how to take control of your blog, and also your entire online profile. It all starts with a solid foundation on your website and blog. If you nail down the basics on your blog, you can then apply all of those same principals to the rest of your profile online. But, fast forwarding for a second, I see a lot of creative and wedding professionals struggling with what to blog about.  And, that’s what I want to talk about here on this post: using every opportunity within your business to write blog posts that are actually helpful to your clients.

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Blogging For Future Business

How do you go to an amazing conference like engage! to better your business, and then come home and write about it on your blog in a way that will appeal to your readers and book you business? True, it would be a waste to go to engage! and experience so much wedding inspiration (and have access to all of the photos to prove it!) and NOT share about it on your blog. But, at the same time it would be a waste to share the magic of engage! on your blog in a way that your potential clients would NOT care about.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of only blogging about things that you want to be hired for. To blog about something that is off topic for your business or that you don’t want someone to pay you to do is just a waste of time. Because, let’s be honest, those looking to hire you for your services don’t really care that you went to an amazing conference. That’s not news to them and that’s not helpful. With that in mind, I wanted to give attendees at engage! (Hi, if you are reading this!) a few ideas of things to share on their blog from the conference. If you weren’t at engage!, you can also use these ideas for any other conference or event that you’ve attended.

Share All The Inspiration

There was so much wedding inspiration and ideas at engage!, indeed all of the conference sponsors pulled out all the stops and were showing the best of the best in wedding and event decor, food and entertainment. But, if you are a creative small business owner, how do you share the details and inspiration from a conference likes engage! on your blog? How can you talk about your experience with your potential clients and then get hired back in your home town?

For example, a potential client of a wedding planner doesn’t really care much that their planner went to a wedding industry conference, but they would care to know how to incorporate a neon sign into their wedding or unique ideas for wedding welcome gifts and so much more! Engage! is nothing if not inspirational and innovative, so the trick for those small businesses in attendence becomes about taking the amazing photographs and sharing the inspiration on your blog in a way that is relatable and helpful to your potential clients.

Here are five different ways that you can blog about the engage! conference in a way that is helpful to potential clients and will help you book more business through your blog:

#1 – Swag = Wedding Welcome Gift Inspiration!

The swag and gifting at engage! is amazing, that is no secret! Gifts for the Good Life, TPD Design House, and team engage! were all so thoughtful and the gifts were perfectly designed at every turn. To share this on your blog, use a photo or two of the different gifts on your blog and then give tips for how to give thoughtfully a wedding. Let the photos and the gifts be a jumping off points for making it relatable to your readers and sharing your own tips and advice.

You could share advice such as things to keep in mind when gifting at a wedding, how to incorporate your wedding theme into your welcome gifts, and unique ways to present wedding welcome gifts. You could also do an inspiration round up on your blog showing the different welcome gift ideas from engage! and how each could be replicated at a wedding.

Unique and thoughtful welcome gifts at weddings is such a hot wedding trend right now and something that engaged couples are really interested in incorporating into their wedding. Use your tripe to engage! to share wedding welcome gift ideas and advice with potential clients.

#2 Trends = You Are An Expert

The sponsors of engage! pulled out all of the stops and showed their best work in terms of entertainment, food, beverage, and design and decor. Pick one element that you haven’t seen before and share that on your blog along with a picture or two. You could do five inspirational blog posts on just the opening night party on the beach! And, don’t even get me started on the gala from HMR Designs – there were wedding design ideas for days at that event!

When you share trends or new and exciting things that your potential clients haven’t seen before, that builds trust and it shows that you are truly an expert.

Inspirational blog posts about trends from engage! could include: rainbow tents from Raj Tents, ombre table linens from Nuage Designs, unique entertainment (Hello, mermaids!) from Elan Artists, color block carpets and drapes, dessert presentations, food choices for outdoor parties and so much more.

Wedding trend posts on your blog show that you are plugged into the industry and that you know the right vendors to work with to make their wedding unique.

#3 Color Palettes = All The Color!

Wedding colors and color palettes are huge Internet searches for engaged couples who are planning a wedding. Your potential clients want to know unique color combinations and unexpected ways to incorporate color into their wedding. And, each event at engage! was more colorful than the next!

The colors of the sunset was the color theme at this year’s engage!, and nature inspired color palettes is something that engaged couples would be interested in seeing on your blog. The ombre tables linens of the general session, the rainbow dessert party, the bright and sparkle from the mermaid pool party, and the bold, colorful carpet and drapery at the gala are wedding ideas that deserve to be shared on your blog!

Again, your potential clients want to be inspired and if you can show them lots of color and the hottest most unique ideas going on in the wedding industry right now, that makes you helpful AND an expert!

#4 Tips & Advice = Be Helpful!

Use the photographs from engage! as an opportunity to share some wedding tips and advice. You could share tips about destination weddings, if that’s what you want to be hired for, of course. On your blog, talk about things to pack for a destination wedding, what to wear, or how many people to invite to a destination wedding. Share anything related to destination weddings with the photos from engage! and use your trip to Grand Cayman as the reason for writing the post.

If you don’t want to be hired for destination weddings, you could a blog post about advice for an outdoor pool party or how to have an after party at your wedding. Other wedding advice posts could be tips for getting married at hotel when there are other guests staying at the hotel, important things to know about a hotel wedding, tips for incorporating color at your wedding and so much more!

If you use your blog to solve problems and be helpful to your potential clients, they will be more interested in your work and working with you.

#5 Venue Tours = Big Searches

If there is one thing that engaged couples need, it is a place to get married. The wedding venue or location is a big Internet search for engaged couples planning a wedding. You can use your trip to engage! in a few unique ways and share about the location on your blog, while also being helpful to your potential clients.

If you want to be hired for work in the Grand Cayman, you could use the photographs from engage! and do a wedding venue tour on your blog of the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa. If you have a Kimpton in your local area, you could do a venue tour of that property as a potential spot to get married.

Additionally, if you networked with a new friend from a different wedding venue, reach out to them and see if you could share information about their venue on your blog. They would probably be really happy to have the exposure and a blog to share about their space. Sharing wedding locations is helpful to your readers and remember what I said about the importance of being helpful on your blog??


As you can see, there are many different ways to share about your trip to engage! on your blog and do it in a way that is helpful to your readers. Remember, your blog is your chance to show your potential clients that you are an expert and you know what you are talking about.

An amazing wedding conference where you learned so much and were so inspired, is an amazing opportunity full of unique blog posts to share with your potential clients.

What will you blog about?


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