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Featured: Rising Tide Society

Are you wondering if you should still keep up with your blog for your small business? Do you think that social media is so easy and why do you have to blog anymore? Does anyone even read blogs? I recently wrote a blog post on The Rising Tide Society’s blog about the importance of blogging in this day and age of social media. The Rising Tide Society is an educational community for creative small businesses.

Blogging takes so much time, especially when you have a million other things competing for your time as a small business owner. It can be really hard to fit blogging into your schedule. But, I’ll give you a hint: blogging matters. It is really important to keep up with your blog for your business because, even though social media is so easy, the only online real estate that you own is on your blog and your website.

Head on over to the Rising Tide Society’s blog to read my full post about why blogging still matters. Check it out and let me know what you think. Are you convinced? Will you start blogging for your business?



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If you want to take your blogging for your business to the next level and find out how to blog the right way, be sure to check out my small business blogging workshop coming in Washington DC and Maryland in February. I’ll show you how to blog harder, smarter and more effectively.

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