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When You Don’t Know What To Blog About

Are you struggling with what to write about on your blog for your small business? I’m going to give you a little tip today for what to write about when you just don’t know what to blog about! Maybe you are feeling a bit lost for blog topics or are feeling unfocused. Do you put off writing blog post until you can come up with that perfect thing to blog about? I see many small business owners struggling with generating content for their blog for their creative small business. The conversation is always the same:

Me: Why did you write this blog post?

Them: I have no idea, I was just looking for something to blog about.

Does this empty feeling regarding your blog sound familiar to you too? Do you sit down as your computer and just stare at a blank screen? Do you keep putting off writing blog posts, because you feel like you have nothing to write about? Does blogging just keep getting shoved farther and farther down the list of things to do?

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Blogging As A Business

Before we get started, there is one point to make clear. I’m not talking about blogging as a business. I’m talking about blogging when you earn a living doing something else. You are a creative small business entrepreneur, and you have a blog to support whatever that other business is that you do. In my case, I design stylish wedding garters and I have a blog, which you are reading right now, that supports my wedding garter design business. My blog is where I talk about things that are going on in business, I share new garter styles and more about my business. (I also share lots of small business blogging tips like this one you are reading right now!)

Hey, This Is What I Do!

OK, so to the topic at hand: blogging struggles. What should you blog about when you just don’t know what to blog about on your small business blog? When you don’t know what to blog about: Blog about what you want to get hired for.

Yes, it is truly that simple: blog about what you want to be paid for. Ding, ding! Hello, light bub! Your blog for your business should be about the business that you do, the business that makes you money and pays your bills.

I know that blogging about what you want to be hired to do seems like a really simple solution and I don’t mean to be flip. So stick with me as I attempt to explain why blogging about your business is so important.

When you write a blog post, it says to the world and the Internet: Hey, this is what I do! If you don’t tell the world what it is that you do, how will the world know to hire you to do that job? In life and on the Internet, you must put out there what you want to get back. Your blog is one of the greatest vehicles for you to tell the story of your business. You can and should use your blog to promote your business and talk about topics relevant to your business and the work that you do.

Stay On Message

If you want to be hired to design flowers for a wedding, well then, blog about designing flowers for weddings. If you want to be hired to do branding for other creative small businesses, well then blog about branding for creative small business. If you are a wedding planner and you blog about a favorite new recipe that you just tried, that tells the world that you want to be hired for testing out new recipes. Why would you do that?

Why would you blog about something way off of your topics when they chances are high that you might not have time to write another blog post again for another six months?

Sure, you might have just learned a new skill or you might be really excited about your home renovation project and you just want to share it with the world! Sharing personal stories or off-brand topics is what Facebook and other social media sites are for. You might even want to start a new blog about your new found topic! But, stay on track with your blog for your small business and keep it to posts about your business and what you want to be hired to do.

The goal of any small business owner with a blog is to write long-lasting blog posts that are going to deliver for you over and over and over again. We know that what you want to be hired for is going to deliver for you, because it is what you do. Its just that simple!

I see many small business owners struggle with content generation and it forces them off track. You are not a professional blogger, you don’t need to general new and different types of content. You own a small business doing what you love, so you already have a built in topic for your blog. Blog about your business. Stick to the topics of your business and what you want others to hire you to do.

Again And Again

With your blog for your business, stay on message. Don’t look to create new things or new ideas, unless you want to be hired for those new things or new ideas. Blog about what you know, what you want to get hired for. And then when you are done blogging about your business topics, do it again, and again and then again. Just keep asking yourself: What do I want to get hired for? That’s what I’m going to blog about.

Now, there are creative ways to give the similar advice in new ways, or provide new content within the same categories or come up with creative solutions to repetitive blog posts, but those advice posts and tricks to the trade are for other days!

If you stay on track and dig a little deeper, I bet you’ll be shocked at the number of blog posts and topics that you can generate on just what it is that you do. I am still amazed at all the different topics and ways that I can tell my wedding garter story through my blog and I’m not even close to being done yet!

In summary, when you don’t know what to blog about: blog about what you want to be hired for.

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