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3 Things Blogging Does For Your Business

Do you have a blog for your creative small business and are you wondering what it can do for you? Are you frustrated with writing blog posts and trying to find a way to get it all done? Can you never seem to find the time to write blog posts? As small business owner, there are so many things competing for your time, including accounting, billing, social media, staffing and actually doing your job or service! It is really hard to prioritize writing blog posts when there are so many other things calling for your attention. If you are ware wondering just what blogging can do for your creative small business, then this post is for you, because I’m going to give it to you for real!

If you want even more personal attention to fix your blogging mistakes and struggles, check out my upcoming small business blogging workshop where I’ll go into what blogging can (and can’t!) do for your business, and so many more topics to teach you how to get control of your blog!

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I’m a small business owner myself, so I completely understand the challenges that other businesses face. It is hard even for me to find time away from sewing my wedding garters and helping my clients to write blog posts and keep up with everything on social media. I’ve talked to countless small business owners and the thing that usually sticks for them and is when I tell them specifically what blogging can do for their business. If you understand why something is important, it is easier to make it a priority. I can’t give you more hours in a day to get it all done, but hopefully I can help you blog faster and more effectively with the time that you do have.

Blogging takes quite a bit of time, we know this, but the benefits far out weigh the time that it takes. Writing consistently and properly on your blog for your small business can do so many incredible things for you business. Here are my top three things that blogging can do:

Blogging Keeps You Fresh

Search engines loves fresh, or new, and shareable content. A site that is updated regularly peeks the interest of the search engines and keeps them coming back for more, which pushes you up higher and higher in search rankings.

If your website and your blog are just old and stale, the search engines will skip right over it and it won’t do anything for you. An old website that hasn’t been updated regularly is just there. Doing nothing. Just there taking up space.

The fastest and easiest way to create new and shareable content is through your blog.

Blogging Books You Clients

Not only does blogging bring potential clients to your website (See above!), it helps to book those clients too. Blogs have the power to seal the deal! Potential clients want to hire busy people who know what they are doing. An active, updated blog shows (1.) that you are busy and (2.) that you are an expert. 

Blogging lets you go deeper into topics and to show that you are an expert. It allows people to get to know you more and feel more comfortable with you. Potential clients can and will “pre-interview” you through your blog! 

You can use your blog to write about advice topics to help answer their most challenging questions, you can use your blog to talk about your successes or you can use your blog to help potential clients find inspiration. Regardless of what you write about, and an active blog for your small business books you business. (For more, check out the 10 blog posts that you already have written!)

Blogging Prepares Your Business For The Future 

Blogging prepares your business for the future online. Blogging allows your business to ride whatever the social media waves are happening within your industry.

Allow me to explain:  The only eyeballs, readers, followers, likers etc. that you own are those on your website and your blog. You don’t own your followers on Facebook or Instagram. So, if social media changes the algorithms or suddenly isn’t popular anymore, you will be left in the lurch. Blogging is an investment in what you own. (Read more about this topic in my blog post about why blogging is important and still matters!)

If you are consistently putting effort into the core of your business, i.e. your website and our blog, it doesn’t matter that Instagram changes its algorithms or that younger clients aren’t using Facebook anymore. You own your blog and the users on it and no one can take that away from you or change up that algorithm.

Blogging allows you to ride the social media waves and be prepared for the future online, whatever that may be!


So, those are three things that blogging can and will do for your small business. What did I miss? What does blogging do for your business? 

If you want to learn how to blog for your small business, check out my upcoming workshop in Washington, DC on February 28th. I’d love to see you there! I will be talking about what blogging can for your, and also how to blog properly and what to blog about and so much more! 

For more small business blogging tips and advice, be sure to check out my blog series on the subject.

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