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Three Best Tips For Blogging

Are you struggling with the blog for your creative small business?? Are you looking at all of your competitors and thinking, “How do they do it it all??” You have a blog for your business, you know deep down that blogging is important, but you just can’t seem to find the time to do it! I totally get it and some days I’m right there with you! Today, I’m going to share a few tips for how to blog for your business. This advice is based on the three most common questions that I hear from frustrated business owners: How do I get blog posts up when I’m so busy with everything else? How long should my blog posts be? What should I write about on my blog?

I also have my new online course for how to blog for your business, so if you want more in depth advice on how exactly to get control of your blog, I’d love for you to check it out.

These are the real, honest pieces of advice that I share with other creative business owners when they tell me that they are frustrated with their blog. Because, the conversation always goes the same. Most creative small businesses hate the blog for their business. They find it hard to fit blogging into their already hectic schedule and social media is just easier and faster. But, as I’ve talked about before, you don’t own anything on social media and your blog is your business cheerleader! Keeping up with the blog for your business will set you up for long term success and allow you to ride whatever wave of social media there might be.

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From one business owner to another, here are three tips for how to blog for your business…

Frustration: How do I get blog posts up when I’m so business with everything else in my business?

1 – Prioritize your blog.

You will never get to writing blog posts, if you never make it a priority and block out the time in your schedule. I know it seems like a simple tip and it might even seem a little silly, but forcing yourself to block out the time to write blog posts is the easiest way to actually getting blog posts done and scheduled.

Setting aside the time in my schedule is truly the number one way that I get blog posts written. When I allow other things to take over my life or I allow that time I’ve carved out on my schedule for blogging to be taken over by other things, then the blog posts don’t happen. For me, I like to save the blog posts up and then I block out an hour a week to pre-schedule all of my posts.

When you see a business with lots of blog posts, and you wonder how they find the time, it is simple: They prioritize the time for their blog. If you want to have an active blog and speak directly to your ideal clients, then you need to block out the time. Because, let’s face, time won’t just magically appear on your schedule. You are a small business owner, there are always a million other things you could be doing. If it is an hour a week, an hour a day, whatever you can manage, just as long as you block out the time and set it aside as blogging time only.

The posts won’t magically appear on your blog, unless you set aside the time and make your blog a priority during that time.

Frustration: How long should my blog posts be?

2 – Don’t try to be epic.

Not every blog post needs to be long and epic. You don’t need to break the Internet with each post. Give the information that you promised to your ideal client in the headline of the blog post and then be done with it. If you don’t think you are a good writer, then look for the easy posts that don’t require a ton of writing. Don’t stress out about giving 10 tips when just 5 tips would do. I see many creative small business owners struggle with their blog, because they feel the need to find the perfect words and just the right way to say something. And, even worse, they feel like they need to write a huge novel with each blog post.

Aim for around 400 words with at least one photograph for your blog posts. If you have more or less than 400 words, that it is OK. SEO experts and tech wizards might tell you differently in terms of word count, but they don’t live in the real world of trying to manage a business at the same time as your blog.

For me and my business, it is better to have an active blog that is helpful to my ideal clients than worry that my posts aren’t long enough. Some of my blog posts are long and some are short and sweet. It is the helpfulness of the information that I’m providing in my posts and the consistency that is most effective for the blog for my business.

Frustration: What should I write about on my blog? 

3 – Write what you want to be hired to do.

Think about what you want to be hired to do, then write blog posts for the people that would hire you to do you work. Who do you want to hire you? Write your blog posts for them. Solve your ideal client’s problems and use language that they would understand. (Don’t use “inside baseball” terms that they won’t understand!) What do you want your ideal client to know about your business? What do you want them to hire you for? Write on your blog what your ideal client wants and needs to know.

Don’t write blog posts for your peers or your competitors on your blog. Those people aren’t going to hire you and purchase your products or services. Remember this blog post, I wrote about what to write about when you aren’t sure what to write about?

You’ve most likely spent some time thinking about your ideal clients, now write blog posts for them. Write for the people that you want to hire you. Solve their problems, be helpful to them. That is what makes a successful blog for your business.


Those a few tips for blogging for your business! I hope that they were helpful to you!

Remember, I just launched my new online course on how to blog for your business, so if you need more help or want to get serious about your online profile, check it out!

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