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Learn About Blogging On “This Week In Weddings” Podcast

Do you into listen to podcasts? Me too! I’ve turned to podcasts over the past few months to learn all kind of new things for my creative small business. And, now it is my turn! I was a guest on This Week In Weddings podcast, which is a podcast designed specifically entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. On my podcast episode, I’m talking all things blogging for your business, of course! You know I love talking about small business blogging and I could have talked for hours no the subject!

Hosted by Dallas wedding planner, Kimberly from Hitched Events and wedding invitation designer, Annie from 5 by 7 Designs, in this podcast I chat all about how to blog for your business, including why blogging is important, the basics of blogging, and a little bit about SEO (search engine optimization) especially for those that don’t consider themselves tech-savvy.

In the blogging podcast that you can listen to right on the website or in iTunes, I also give my thoughts on the ideal length for your blog posts and how to fit blogging into your already busy schedule. Because, let’s face it, when you are running a business in the wedding and creative industry while trying to keep your clients happy and have some sort of social life, it can be really hard to fit everything in, especially blogging! I go into it all and give my personal tips for how I manage my blog for my stylish wedding garters and how I’m able to consistently get blog posts up on my website.

Be sure to check out my small business blogging podcast episode on This Week In Weddings. If you listened, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know!

Remember, I just launched my new online course on how to blog for your business, so if you are like most small business owners and frustrated with your blog and don’t know where to started, then this online course is for you! I

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