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The B.Y.O.B. Workshop Recap & Pictures

This is way off the wedding garter topic today, but I’m going to go for it because I’m really proud of the workshop that I recently held called The B.Y.O.B. Workshop where I taught other creative small business owners how to blog for their business. (B.Y.O.B. stands for Blog Your Own Business!) In addition to the garters, I’m passionate about helping other small businesses blog for their business. Here in the Washington DC area, I held a workshop for 25 other creative businesses where I taught them how to get control of their blog and I showed them how to use their blog to grow their business. (You can see more pictures and behind the scenes on the #byobworkshop hashtag that I’ve been using!)



There were so many amazing wedding and creative businesses in the DC area that helped me put this whole event together, including my host Marigold & Grey, my A/V team at Bruce Pike Productions and the floral designs were from Elegance & Simplicity. The overall branding for the blogging workshop and much of the graphics that you’ll see were from Ribbon & Ink. My guests were well fed from Relish Catering and doughnuts from District Doughnuts. I could not have kept it together without the set up and day of the workshop help from Simply Breathe Events, she kept me on task and on time!

I have to give a special hug to Myrna at Mezzohead Media who was a guest speaker giving the attendees the real deal when it comes to SEO. She was able to explain SEO in way that people could understand and that was such a huge value.

The swag, where do I start with the swag for this blogging workshop? Bloggers need swag, right? I had a little problem with the swag, I just couldn’t stop myself! From pencils to totes to pillows and cookies, I had a lot of fun with the cute blog sayings that I used throughout the workshop. For example, the cocktail napkins were stamped with “Bog It Like Its Hot,” the pillows said, “Your Blog Is Like Really Pretty,” while the pencils said, “You Can Totally Blog With Me,” and the tote bags were a mixture of all three sayings!

There were lots of fun treats and little surprises for each of the guests. Each attendee was gifted a custom set of hand made earrings from J’Adorn Designs. The blogging themed cookie favors are from Sugar Studio, the marble gold chocolate gems are from Buttercream Bake Shop and the marbled chocolate treats, macarons and peanut butter gems are from Catherine George Cakes. The rest of the swag like the blogging pencils and the notebooks, I ordered on my own.

I designed the inside contents for the work books and coordinated that with my blogging presentation. The workbook covered topics like how to set a blog schedule and how to develop blog topics and, of course, how to blog faster and more effectively! I wanted the attendees to be able to follow along while I was talking and giving blogging tips, but also have space to write down as many notes as possible. Even though I’m a blogger, I still love to take hand written notes! Lastly, I made the tote bags myself. (I’ll have a DIY tutorial soon on how I made those totes!)

Without anymore words from me, here are the photographs from Joy Michelle Photography….

the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography72of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography22of149-copy the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography60of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography24of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography95of149-copy the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography90of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography49of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography8of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography11of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography9of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography7of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography50of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography37of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography44of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography36of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography58of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography3of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography121of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography114of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography123of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography112of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography99of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography55of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography141of149

Photo Credits: Joy Michelle Photography

So, there you have it – a small business blogging workshop hosted by me! I hope that you’ll check back from time to time as I’ll be posting and sharing more small business blogging tips and advice for other creative businesses, I already have a few up, if you care to take a peek! Also, feel free to leave me a comment with your blogging questions, I’m happy to answer them and who knows, I might just write a blog post about it!

The following Washington DC area wedding and creative businesses contributed to this workshop:

Presenter & Educator: The Garter Girl
Photography: Joy Michelle Photography
Rentals: DC Rental
Venue: Marigold & Grey
A/V: Bruce Pike Productions
Floral Design: Elegance & Simplicity
Branding: Ribbon & Ink
Catering: Relish Catering
Doughnuts: District Doughnuts
Planning: Simply Breathe Events
Speaker: Mezzohead Media
Jewelry Favors: J’Adorn Designs
Cookies: Sugar Studio
Chocolate Gems: Buttercream Bake Shop
Sweet Treats: Catherine George Cakes

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  1. As one of the lucky 25 to attend the workshop I can testify–it’s a game changer! In terms a non-techie can understand, #byobworkshop gives tips and tricks that I put into use immediately. Thanks Juli for being such a great resource and helping small businesses like mine!!

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