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Pre-Sale: How To Blog For Your Small Business Webinar & Online Course

It’s here! All of your blogging dreams (or nightmares as the case may be!) will be answered with my new webinar and online course for how to blog for your creative small business. My webinar and online course teaching you the exact steps on how to blog for your creative small business is finally here! With 7 hours of training and 14 different videos, you’ll be empowered to get control of your blog, your search engine optimization (SEO) and your entire online profile!

The Blog Your Own Business (B.Y.O.B.) Webinar and Online Course is available for a pre-sale starting today. The blogging course pre-sale runs from June 1 through June 15th. On June 15th, the course will be available for viewing to anyone who purchases. If you are a member of my email list, you’ll get a special discount to purchase the blogging course at a discount during the pre-sale. If you aren’t on my list, you can sign up for the blogging tips email list right here. Those that purchase the blogging webinar during the pre-sale will be able to submit their questions to me and I’ll answer them in a bonus content video that I’ll be releasing in July.

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If you are a small business owner and you want to learn more about blogging, how to fit blogging into the daily schedule of also running your business, and understand the SEO basics that every business owner needs to know, then this online course is for you! Now you can learn all of my blogging techniques, get control of your blog and finally learn the basics of SEO all in the comfort of your own home, going at your own pace!

I want to help you get your blog under control! I want to help you end the blog frustration and guilt that I see too many creative small business owners suffering from. I want to help you get your blog off of the bottom of your to-do pile and show you how effective your blog can be at booking you business. My blogging webinar will empower you to do all of these things and so much more!

With over seven hours of training split in between 14 different vides, this online course will show you exactly how to blog for your creative small business. I will show you my proven eight steps to an effective blog post that will get your blog attracting ideal clients and booking business. I’ve also created a blogging workbook that coordinates with the course so that you can take notes and follow along, going at your own pace. In addition to getting your blog under control, the techniques that I’m teaching in this online course are also applicable to your entire online profile!

In addition to the webinar blogging training, I’m also offering additional support for those that need it. Once you purchase the course, you can also purchase a customized blog review, a personalized blogging schedule and suggested blog post topics, and unlimited consultation with me. Check out all of the small business blogging resources that I’m offering!

To find out more about my small business blogging webinar, check it out here or sign up for my blogging email list so that you can get a discount during the pre-sale. Remember, the pre-sale runs from June 1 until 15th. The blogging webinar will go live to those who purchase on June 15th.

For more small business blogging tips and advice, be sure to check out my blog series on the subject.

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