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Featured: Rising Tide Society

OK, so not really stylish wedding garters, but more small business ownership, which as you know is something that I’m passionate about in addition to the garters! In addition to sharing tips for small business blogging, I recently wrote an advice article for other creative small business owners about positive promotion. The article was featured over on the Rising Tide Society blog and I wanted to share it here too! This is advice for other small business owners on positive promotion and the importance of talking about our businesses in a way that doesn’t bring others down. How we talk about your business and promote our business can impact others and we don’t even know it!

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Photo Credit: Red October Photography

If you are small business owner or want to learn more about how to start your own business, go checkout the Rising Tide Society. They really serve to support other small business owners. And, even though I’ve been around sewing my wedding garters for a long time, there is always room to grow and learn more. The job of a small business owner is never done!

Check out my blog posts on the topic or find more small business blogging tips too!

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