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Help: I’m Embarrassed By My Blog

Are you embarrassed by the blog for your creative small business? Do you hate your blog so much and wish it would just go away? Or maybe you actually do love blogging for your business, you just can’t ever seem to find the time to do it! Regardless of the reason, if you are embarrassed by the blog you maintain for your creative small business, you’ve come to the right place! All judgement aside for how it got your blog got to this point, the goal of this post is to move your blog forward! I’m going to give you a few practical things that you can do right now, as in today, to get your small business blog back on track and not allow it to be something that you are embarrassed to share with the world.

As I’m prepping for my upcoming small business blogging workshop here in Washington, DC, I’ve been to many, many business blogs. And, I get the “I’m embarrassed” reaction quite a bit from small business owners about their blog. They don’t want anyone to see their blog. Maybe they have neglected for months, even years, and it so it is horribly out-of-date. Maybe they don’t like design of their blog or maybe the posts that they do have up on their blog isn’t the best reflection of their work. Yet, their blog is still linked on their website, right up there in their website’s main navigation with the about their business page and the page about the services that they offer.

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I hear hear often from business owners when I say that I’ve been to their blog to check out their work. They respond with, “Oh please don’t look at my blog, I’m so embarrassed!” If you are embarrassed by your blog for your business, what kind of message are you sending to potential clients? Are you going to tell them not to look at your blog? That you are embarrassed about your blog? Are you going to be embarrassed about the work that you do for them? How are they supposed to trust you, if you show them things (i.e. your blog!) that you are embarrassed about?

What Your Blog Says

If your blog is linked up on your website and visible to the world it says to your potential clients: Look here! A blog on your website says:  Come check out this page out as a representation of my work and get to know more about me and my business.

You don’t get to tell website visitors what pages to go to or not on our websites. So, if you have a blog up on your website and you are embarrassed about it, I’d suggest doing something about it. Fix it, solve the blog embasrassment! And, quickly. If you are a wedding florist and you created flowers for a couple’s wedding would you walk out of that reception room with work that you are embarrassed about? No! You’d stay there until you fixed it and got it right. Why? Because your work is a reflection of you and of your business. Just the same, your blog is a reflection of your work and of your business.

If you are embarrassed by the blog for your small business, it is important to recognize your situation. Don’t spend to much time thinking about the past and how you got to this point, instead use the solutions I’m about to provide as a motivation for the future. Here are few quick things that you can do to cure those horrible blog feelings. Your blog is your businesses’ biggest cheerleader, give your blog a little love and it will love your business right back!

Here are four things that you can do to cure blog embarrassment:

#1 Take Your Blog Down

If you are truly embarrassed by your blog and you can find no other solution, take it down. You shouldn’t have anything on your website that isn’t the best reflection of your work and if your blog isn’t where you want it to be, then consider taking it down. I don’t mean delete your blog, that’s a whole other post for a whole other day, rather, I mean unlink your blog from your website. If you unlink your, the blog is still live out there on the Internet, but it isn’t associated with your website’s homepage. So, new potential clients coming to you website won’t be able to easily find your blog.

You’ll need to fully weigh the options with unlinking your blog to determine if ultimately it is the right solution for your business. But, unlinking it might give you a little breathing room to develop a solution. And, can’t we all use a little less pressure on our shoulders a business owners?!

#2 Update Your Blog

If your small business blog is horribly out-of-date and you are embarrassed by it, update it. It sounds so simple, I know, but maybe it really is that simple. Just update your blog. Write a blog post and get it up there. Stop what you are doing, stop with the social media, stop with the emails, stop with the excuses and take 15 minutes to write blog post. You’ll feel so much better after you’ve updated your blog.

Start with an easy blog post, maybe about a press feature that you had recently. Your blog doesn’t have to be epic, it just has to be updated. Epic can come later when you have some time to think about a schedule and defining your blog’s voice.

If your blog is out of date, for now just focus on getting your blog updated. One simple blog post will help to alleviate those feelings of guilt that small business owners tend to feel when their plate gets too full.

For more on how to get your blog going quickly and easily, check out this post that I wrote about the 10 blog posts that you already have written. And, also check out my three best blogging tips.

#3 Admit Why You Are Embarrassed

If you are embarrassed by your blog, take a minute or two think about why it is embarrassing to you. What exactly is the source of your embarrassment? Once you know what the problem is, it might be easier to get your blog under control.

Give your business a hard look to the inside and try to find out what is frustrating you about your blog. Is it because your blog is out of date? Do you not like the design of your blog? Are you frustrated with having nothing to write about on your blog? Do you love blogging, but you can never seem to find the time to blog? Do you just not like writing at all? These are all curable situations. You can solve all of these blogging problems.

There are so many reasons why business owners let their blog slip and allow their blog to develop into something that they aren’t proud of. If you are better able to determine what it is that you don’t like about your blog, then you’ll be that much closer to solving the problem.

#4 Develop A Realistic Schedule

Sometimes business owners have an blog that they are embarrassed about because they just don’t know where to start to fix it. I see it often that the business owner is overwhelmed about where to start and so they just leave the blog empty or out-of-date. Not knowing where to start or not knowing how to fix is a problem is a very real feeling and it can be paralyzing.

If your blog hasn’t been updated it a while, and you don’t know where to start, I suggest starting with a schedule. That’s right, come up with a schedule for your blog that is manageable for you that you know you’ll stick to. Blogging is like trying to drastically change yourself after the new year with an unrealistic resolution that you know you’ll never keep.

Give your business a “win” and commit to a blog schedule that you know you’ll keep. Is that one blog post a month? Is it two blog posts a month? Can you manage more blog posts than that? Maybe not, and that’s OK! You don’t have to blog every day to have a blog that is successful for your business. Your blog schedule must be unique to you, to your business and what is possible for you. Once you have a realistic schedule, it will be easier to stay on track.


Those are my four tips for what to do if you are embarrassed about your blog for your creative small business. What did I miss? What do you to avoid having a blog that you aren’t proud of? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Your blog can do so much for your business. If you give your blog just a little bit of attention, and your blog will give that back to you and so much more!

If you want to learn how to blog for your small business, check out my upcoming workshop in Washington, DC on February 28th. I’d love to see you there! I will be talking all about how to build a blog that you are proud of, and also how to blog properly, what to blog about and so much more!

For more small business blogging tips and advice, be sure to check out my blog series on the subject.

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