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Does Blogging Still Matter?

I just hosted my first-ever workshop for creative small businesses to teach an amazing group of professionals how to blog for your business. In the prep for the blogging workshop and as I talk to other business owners, I often get the same question about the importance (or lack there of!) of blogging. In this day and age with so many social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, should businesses still be blogging? What can a your business blog do for you? Blogging can take so much time and effort, so is blogging still worth it?

is blogging still worth it

Blogging Still Matters

In this post, I’m going to give you three reasons why blogging for your business still matters. If you read nothing else, read this: blogging is still important. And, NOW is the time to get a little motivation and get that blog up to date!

1. Blogs Keep Your Website Fresh

Search engines love fresh, sharable content. And, the best and fastest way to keep your website current is through a blog. We might not be updating some of our webpages, like the about page or the contact page, very often. But, we can update our blog as much as we want. Keeping up with your blog helps your overall website and it helps to keep your website fresh and current, which search engines love.

2. Blogs Book You Clients

Your blog for your business is a chance to allow your customers to go behind the scenes and see how you operate. Your blog is a chance to show your potential clients that you are an expert, to really show them who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing for them. Social media doesn’t always allow the user to get the full story with just one picture or only 140 characters. But, on your blog you can really introduce yourself and allow your clients to get to you know you. Your blog can allow you to build trust with your potential clients before they even contact you, so they will be more incline to book your services.

3. Blogs Lay A Foundation For The Future

Social media sites come and go and they change up the algorithms all the time. Sometimes your followers see your posts, and sometimes they don’t. And, we can only imagine what the next social media craze will be. Through all of the ups and downs of social media, you will always have your business blog. Your blog is your foundation, the rock of your business’ online profile that will be the best reflection of your work no matter what the social media site du’jour happens to be. Use your blog as your foundation and then you’ll be better prepared to tackle social media and its changing nature.


There are obviously many, many more reasons why blogging is still important in this social media driven age. These are just three reasons. What did I miss? What would you say is the most important reason to keep up with (or start!) your blog for your business?

If you are thinking about starting a blog for your business, or you’ve pushed your blog down to the bottom of your to-do list, I urge you to think about your blog in a new way. Put blogging at the top of your priority list and let your potential clients see you as the expert that you are!

For more small business blogging tips and advice, be sure to check out my past posts on the topic. If there are blogging issues, you’d like to know more about or you are interested in 1 on 1 blog coaching, don’t hesitate to email me.

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