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DIY Custom Sprinkles Mix

Do you know makes blogging better? I’ll give you the answer! Sprinkes! Yes, sprinkles make blogging better! Well, actually any sugar makes writing tons and and tons of blog post just a little bit easier to deal with. Today I’m going to show you exactly how I made a custom sprinkle mix as a favor for my most recent small business blogging workshop. I was looking for a fun and affordable favor for the blogging workshop and I wanted it to go with my theme. Most of all, I needed this swag to be easy to source, simple to assemble and a breeze to set up.

This is not quite the inspiration post about my stylish wedding garters that you are used to seeing here on my blog, but you know I love a good DIY project! So, let me tell you the story of how I came up with the custom sprinkles mix for the blogging workshop and pulled it off easily and affordably…

Photo credit: Red October Photography

First the idea.

This small business blogging workshop was held at Sprinkles, a cupcake bakery here in Washington DC. Given that the workshop was at Sprinkles, I thought it would be really fun to use sprinkles as a theme for the favors. As it turns out, the custom sprinkles mixes were fun, unique, attendees loved them!

I looked around quite a bit to find a mix of custom colored sprinkles to go with my theme of gray and yellow, but I had a really hard time finding exactly the perfect sprinkle mix for my favors. I wanted just the right colors and I didn’t want it to be too expensive. After all, it was a favor to take home, certainly not something that was necessary, but rather nice to have! Plus, attendees came to the workshop learn how to blog for their small business, not to get favors and swag, as fun as it is!

Photo credit: Red October Photography

Next was the phrase.

Again, given that the blogging workshop was at a place named Sprinkles, I really wanted to use the word “sprinkles” in the favor tag. I came up with, “Sprinkles make blogging better” and then added my workshop hashtag #byobworskhop at the bottom of the sticker label.

I’m a sugar fanatic and anything fun and sweet, like sprinkles, makes writing blog posts that much easier. It can be hard to sit down and crank through blog posts and to learn all there is to know about blogging. (If you are looking for tips on blogging, be sure to look through my posts!) A fun and festive favorite of a custom sprinkle mix makes blogging just a little bit better! Wouldn’t you agree?

Photo credit: Red October Photography

Now comes finding the sprinkles.

Finding just the right sprinkles is not easy, friends. No, it is not! (But, then again neither is writing lots of blog posts!) I searched high and low for the right sprinkles in the colors that I wanted. I also had to look for sprinkles that weren’t too expensive. You can find lots of sprinkles out there, but many of them are really pricey. Since I need quite a bit of sprinkles to make the favors, I needed it all to not be too expensive. If you look hard enough and long enough, you can find affordable sprinkles. Then, when you make own mix, it looks just how you want it and it so much less expensive!

I went to A.C. Moore, Michael’s, Party City, several different groceries stores and looked online endlessly (including Amazon). I picked up a few different styles and sizes of sprinkles, sugar crystals, pearls, jimmies, cake decorating pieces, small bits of candy and more. Everytime I was out, I’d look for more sprinkles to add to my collection. I was going for eclectic in the sprinkle mix, so the more unique the better! I tried to get a mix of colors, but all within my gray, white and yellow theme. I was looking for unique sizes and textures of the sprinkles.

Online, I was able to find solid color jimmies at Nuts In Bulk and I ordered the jimmies in white and yellow. (But, you have to be careful, there were a few other colors mixed in with my plain colors and I had to sift through to take out the random bright green jimmies!) I used the white and the yellow jimmies as the main component of the sprinkle mix and then the other colors and styles, aka the more expensive sprinkles, were the filler that just added little pops of fun throughout the custom mix.

Once I gathered all the different sprinkles, it was a matter of throwing them all into a big bowl and mixing them together to make my own custom sprinkle mix!

Photo credit: Red October Photography

Last the container.

Originally, I wanted to put the custom sprinkle mix into little zip-top plastic bags and stick the label on the outside of the bags. But, then I was walking through Michael’s craft store and they had little jars with silver and yellow lids. Could there be a more perfect favor jar for my blogging workshop?!

I ended up returning the plastic favor bags and went with the clear glass jars. They looked like little cookie jars and were ideal for this favor! For $0.50 per jar, I was able to get one jar per person and I got a mix of silver and bright yellow lids for the jars. They were the most perfect sprinkle jars! (At the same time, I even was able to get little glass milk jars and I added a little sticker that said, “Blog. Sip. Repeat.” But, that’s another DIY post for another day!)

On the outside of the sprinkle jar, I printed out stickers on sticker paper and stuck them onto the jar. These jars had a flat front so that I could put the sticker.



And, there you have it! The story of how I DIY-d my own custom sprinkle mix for a blogging workshop favor! What about you? Will you make your own sprinkle mix??

If you want more small business blogging advice, you can check out my posts on the topics and you can see more of my DIY projects on my blog, too! You can also sign up for my email newsletter to get tips and be the first to find out about my next workshop.

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