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Pre-Sale: How To Blog For Your Small Business Webinar & Online Course

It’s here! All of your blogging dreams (or nightmares as the case may be!) will be answered with my new webinar and online course for how to blog for your creative small business. My webinar and online course teaching you the exact steps on how to blog for your creative small business is finally here! With 7 hours of training and 14 different videos, you’ll be empowered to get control of your blog, your search engine optimization (SEO) and your entire online profile!

The Blog Your Own Business (B.Y.O.B.) Webinar and Online Course is available for a pre-sale starting today. The blogging course pre-sale runs from June 1 through June 15th. On June 15th, the course will be available for viewing to anyone who purchases. If you are a member of my email list, you’ll get a special discount to purchase the blogging course at a discount during the pre-sale. If you aren’t on my list, you can sign up for the blogging tips email list right here. Those that purchase the blogging webinar during the pre-sale will be able to submit their questions to me and I’ll answer them in a bonus content video that I’ll be releasing in July.

Photo Credit: Red October Photography

If you are a small business owner and you want to learn more about blogging, how to fit blogging into the daily schedule of also running your business, and understand the SEO basics that every business owner needs to know, then this online course is for you! Now you can learn all of my blogging techniques, get control of your blog and finally learn the basics of SEO all in the comfort of your own home, going at your own pace!

I want to help you get your blog under control! I want to help you end the blog frustration and guilt that I see too many creative small business owners suffering from. I want to help you get your blog off of the bottom of your to-do pile and show you how effective your blog can be at booking you business. My blogging webinar will empower you to do all of these things and so much more!

With over seven hours of training split in between 14 different vides, this online course will show you exactly how to blog for your creative small business. I will show you my proven eight steps to an effective blog post that will get your blog attracting ideal clients and booking business. I’ve also created a blogging workbook that coordinates with the course so that you can take notes and follow along, going at your own pace. In addition to getting your blog under control, the techniques that I’m teaching in this online course are also applicable to your entire online profile!

In addition to the webinar blogging training, I’m also offering additional support for those that need it. Once you purchase the course, you can also purchase a customized blog review, a personalized blogging schedule and suggested blog post topics, and unlimited consultation with me. Check out all of the small business blogging resources that I’m offering!

To find out more about my small business blogging webinar, check it out here or sign up for my blogging email list so that you can get a discount during the pre-sale. Remember, the pre-sale runs from June 1 until 15th. The blogging webinar will go live to those who purchase on June 15th.

For more small business blogging tips and advice, be sure to check out my blog series on the subject.

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Speaking at Engage17!: Owning It Online

What are you doing June 5th through the 8th? I will be in the Cayman Islands speaking at the engage17! Cayman. I will be talking about small business blogging and how to get control of your online profile. As you know from reading my blog posts and my BYOB workshop, it is all about blogging smarter, not harder and I can’t wait to bring that message to all of wedding and event pros at engage!

There are many ways to continue your education when you work in the in the creative and wedding industries. You can find workshops on just about any topic, you can seek out a webinar on anything you need help with, and find an expert on all the things that you need to learn. But, there is no conference like engage! Engage! combines the top professionals in the industry, the best advice from experts who have been there done that, and the most incredible networking that you just can’t find anywhere else, along with the most incredible swag you will ever see in your life!

I attended my first engage! in 2009 in Las Vegas. It was such an amazing experience. The people that I met – many of whom I am still friends with today – and the skills that I learned are amazing. I still talk about things that I learned at my first engage! I’ve been back to engage! a few times, when babies and businesses haven’t gotten in my way. I’m so thankful, honored, and excited to be headed to Cayman Island as a speaker this time. I’ll be hosting a break out session on how to blog for your small business.

Here is what I’ll be talking about…

Owning It Online: How To Work Smarter Not Harder

Julianne Smith is The Garter Girl. She sells modern heirlooms to brides who don’t even think they want a garter. How? By investing wisely in an online presence, solving problems before clients know they have them, and ranking #1 for keywords. It isn’t sexy, it isn’t always pretty, but it works. And, it consistently books business.

Are you totally frustrated with changing algorithms, massive to-do lists, competitors with huge Instagram accounts who have been in business for 5 minutes? What even is SEO and why do I need to care about it? Are you tired of being told to curate your brand and target your ideal client while watching your to-do list grow larger and larger at the expense of actually doing your job?

This breakout session is for those who are serious about taking control of their online profile and their to-do list. It is for those who are ready to focus on what matters, book business and stay relevant for the long-term. Juli will teach you how to ride the waves of social media, and be more effective online with the little time that you have.

In her fun, judgment-free yet brutally honest style, Juli will teach you everything you need to know about your online presence: what it is, how it works and why it is important. You will walk out with action items for the plane ride home, and a brand new perspective of the Internet and your business’ place in it.

Concepts in this breakout session are based on her sold out small business blogging workshop. Juli will show you exactly how to target your market, solve problems for your clients, book business and leave the rest for when you somehow have a million more hours in the day.

Top Takeaways:

  • The importance of owning vs. renting your online presence, and how focusing on Instagram is killing your business.
  • How to invest in your online profile while still doing your job by working smarter, not harder.
  • Why you need to understand and take control of your SEO. (If you don’t know what SEO is, then you really need to come to this breakout session!)
  • How to use your website to book business and solve your potential client’s problems.
  • The difference between blogging AS a business and blogging FOR your business.
  • Why blogging isn’t a dirty word for business owners to fear.


So, what do you think? Would you attend this breakout session and learn more about blogging for your business? More importantly, will I see you in Cayman Islands at engage17!? Remember, there are wedding and create conferences, and then there is engage!

For more small business blogging tips and advice, be sure to check out my blog series on the subject. You can sign up for my email newsletter to get more blogging tips and be the first person to know about any blogging workshops that I have coming up.

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The 2nd B.Y.O.B. Workshop Photos & Recap

I can no tell you how excited I am to share the pictures from my second small business blogging workshop that I recently held here in Washington, DC. At The B.Y.O.B. (Blog Your Own Business) Workshop, I took a little break from sewing my stylish wedding garters and hosted 13 creative small business owners from the DC area at Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown and we talked about all things blogging, like how to start your blog, why blogging matters, what to blog about, how to blog the right away, how to grow your business through your blog and so much more! It was a jammed packed day full of cupcakes and lots of blogging. The attendees left with tons of blogging knowledge, a huge to-do list and lots of fun swag to make it all better!

Here are the photographs from Anna at Red October Photography. Let’ start with one of me in the room all set up, because why not!?



At the workshop, we talked about all things blogging, but what I was most excited to share was my tips and advice on how to fit blogging to your work day. Attendees also had the honor of hearing from my friend Myrna of Mezzohead Media. Myrna talked about SEO (search engine optimization) and the world of online marketing and what all of it means for those of in the creative small industry space. The online world is changing so fast and the old, marketing techniques don’t always apply in the age of social media. It was truly a gift to talk with Myrna, hear her perspective and listen to her talk about SEO in a language that we all could understand!


The room at Sprinkles was very modern with its white tables and chairs and pink floor. So, I went with the same gray and yellow theme as my first blogging workshop in Maryland and I loved how it all turned out! It was so bright and fresh, perfect for blogging all day! For each attendee, I made them a tote bag to take home all of their swag and blogging materials. (These tote bags were the same that I made at my last blogging workshop and you can find the DIY tote swag bag instructions right here!) On each bag, I made the name tags using my new (and very rough!) brush stroke skills that I learned from Michelle at Meant To Be Calligraphy at her modern brush stroke calligraphy class.

At each attendee’s place setting, they received my custom blogging workbook to take notes and follow along with the presentation, a few pencils, a blank notebook, and their personalized blog and website review in a gray folder. For the favors, I made a custom yellow, gray and white sprinkle mix in a jar with a sticker that said “Sprinkles Make Blogging Better,” because well, they do! (Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing my DIY instructions for how to make your own custom sprinkles mix!) Each guest also received a little glass milk bottle with a sticker that said, “Blog. Sip. Repeat.” I also put little signs in the bowls of chocolate kisses that said, “Kiss Your Blogging Mistakes Away.” As a little to-go treat, the guests also received custom cookies made by Tiffany at Sugar Studio Co. She was able to hand pipe the icing onto the cookies in the different blogging phrases of “Your Blog Is Like Really Pretty,” “Blog It Like Its Hot,” and “You Can Totally Blog With Me.”

Running your small business and your blog, it all about the sugar and hydration! Here are the rest of the pictures…




















Photo Credit: Red October Photography

So, there you have it! You can clearly see that I’m all about the sweets, the hydration and the blogging!

Thank you so much to Red October Photography for taking such beautiful pictures and really capturing the workshop. A special thanks to my friend and DC area wedding planner, Janice, at Bellwether Events, for helping me to plan and execute the workshop. It takes a village!

If you want more small business blogging advice, you can check out my posts on the topics. You can also sign up for my email newsletter to get tips and be the first to find out about my next workshop.

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Easy Logos For Creative Small Businesses

Are you looking for a logo or branding materials for your creative small business? I have found the answer to your dreams with Ribbon & Ink’s new collection of pre-designed logos and semi-custom branding packages. When I was developing The B.Y.O.B Workshop about how to blog for your small business, it would have been so great (and a lot easier!) to go with one of these logos kits. I had the idea for the workshop, but it was all the other details that I needed to get people to attend the workshop that was the hard part!

For my blogging workshop, developing the course materials and the blogging workbook was a total breeze – at least for me! It was everything else, such as the branding materials, the logo and the business collateral that I needed to have the workshop look professional and get other creative businesses to attend, that was the hard part – at least for me!

Ribbon & Ink is a graphic designer and artisan branding company based here in the Washington, DC area and she was so great to help me out with the first blogging workshop. She helped me with my blogging workbook and designing the blogging phrases that I used for these super fun DIY swag bags that we made! But, it would have been much easier – on both of us – if I had a solid suite of branding materials to get us started on the workshop. That’s why I was so excited that she is offering these super, simple, yet super pretty, pre-made branding kits!

Here are few a pre-made branding kits that I love:




Photo Credit: Ribbon & Ink

The pre-made branding kits from Ribbon & Ink include all of the essentials to get started building your brand:

  • Logo
  • Patterns
  • Icons
  • Business card design
  • Email signature, and
  • Note card and envelop design.

Even in the early days of my wedding garter design business, The Garter Girl, it would have been amazing to go with one of these pre-made branding kits. When you have an idea for a creative small business, you want to get going on the idea and hit the ground running doing whatever it is that you do! You don’t want to get bogged down in the details and the design process of having to have everything perfect right from the start. You have to see if you even have a viable business first, before you invest in all the perfect branding and marking materials, am I right!?

If you purchase a pre-made branding kit from Ribbon & Ink, she will work with you to tweak the colors to really make the logo and the branding collateral your own, perfectly suited for your business. And, the best of all is that each pre-made kit will only be sold once! Does it get any better than that!?

For 25% off of your branding kit purchase, you can use the code: garter25off 

Check out Ribbon & Ink’s semi-custom pre-made branding kits for creative small businesses here on her website. For more small business blogging tips, I hope you’ll look through my posts on the topic and find helpful information for your business and your blog.

For more of my wedding ideas and inspirations, be sure to check out my Garter Girl Loves blog series and you can see all of my wedding garter designs right here.

With love, The Garter Girl




Some of the above product links are affiliate-connected and purchasing through these links helps to support the blog.

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Announcement: Two B.Y.O.B. Workshops In February

Great news! I am having two more small business blogging workshops for creative entrepreneurs in the Washington DC area in February. At The B.Y.O.B (Blog Your Own Business) Workshop you will learn exactly how to get your blog under control! At the workshop you will gain the confidence and knowledge to blog harder, smarter and faster so that your website can bring you the kind of business that you want.

If your blog has been weighing you down and making you feel guilty, then this workshop is for you! If you want to lean what SEO (search engine optimization) is and how you can easily implement it onto your website, then this workshop is for you! If you know that blogging is important, but you can never seem to find the time to do it, then this workshop is for you! If you want to prepare your small business for life after Instagram, then this workshop is for you!


Photo Credit: Joy Michelle Photography


On February 7th, I’ll be having a blogging workshop in Maryland and then on February 28th, I’ll be doing the same blogging workshop in Washington, DC. Here is more information:

Blog Your Own Business Workshop

February 7, 2017
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Love Life Images Studio
Savage, MD
Register here for MD

February 28, 2017
10am – 4pm
The Lemon Bowl
Washington, DC
Register here for DC

More info + the full details!
Seats are very limited!
Use code “earlybird” for $100 discount


While everyone is focused on social media, now is the time to invest in your blog! Social media a short term gain as social sites come and go and algorithms change without notice. You blog is your business core and because of the way that search engines work, your blog is a long term investment in the future of your business! Check out this post I recently wrote answering the question: Does blogging still matter?

As you may know, I held The B.Y.O.B. Workshop in November and it was a huge success. Here is what a few of the attendees had to say:

“Julianne is a wealth of knowledge and provides great insight and understanding of why and how to blog for your business.


“If you are new to blogging or are currently a small business owner and are curious as to how blogging can really impact your business, then this is a workshop that can not be missed! Juli has the experience, the knowledge and ability to make you want to learn everything about blogging in a fun yet informative way!” 


“Juli has the knowledge about blogging, websites and SEO that we all need. She breaks it all down from very tech-specific language to common terminology that everyone can understand. She is a fabulous speaker who knows how to engage a group.”


“This workshop taught me how my blog could be working for me to grow and attract the right audience to my business! Before the B.Y.O.B. workshop, I had no idea that what I was doing on my blog and with my SEO was all wrong. Now, I have the action steps to do it correctly and start using my new skills today! ”


I hope that you’ll check out The B.Y.O.B. workshop and join me in getting control of your blog! As always, you can email me anytime at with any questions or find more small business blogging tips here on my blog.

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The B.Y.O.B. Workshop Recap & Pictures

This is way off the wedding garter topic today, but I’m going to go for it because I’m really proud of the workshop that I recently held called The B.Y.O.B. Workshop where I taught other creative small business owners how to blog for their business. (B.Y.O.B. stands for Blog Your Own Business!) In addition to the garters, I’m passionate about helping other small businesses blog for their business. Here in the Washington DC area, I held a workshop for 25 other creative businesses where I taught them how to get control of their blog and I showed them how to use their blog to grow their business. (You can see more pictures and behind the scenes on the #byobworkshop hashtag that I’ve been using!)



There were so many amazing wedding and creative businesses in the DC area that helped me put this whole event together, including my host Marigold & Grey, my A/V team at Bruce Pike Productions and the floral designs were from Elegance & Simplicity. The overall branding for the blogging workshop and much of the graphics that you’ll see were from Ribbon & Ink. My guests were well fed from Relish Catering and doughnuts from District Doughnuts. I could not have kept it together without the set up and day of the workshop help from Simply Breathe Events, she kept me on task and on time!

I have to give a special hug to Myrna at Mezzohead Media who was a guest speaker giving the attendees the real deal when it comes to SEO. She was able to explain SEO in way that people could understand and that was such a huge value.

The swag, where do I start with the swag for this blogging workshop? Bloggers need swag, right? I had a little problem with the swag, I just couldn’t stop myself! From pencils to totes to pillows and cookies, I had a lot of fun with the cute blog sayings that I used throughout the workshop. For example, the cocktail napkins were stamped with “Bog It Like Its Hot,” the pillows said, “Your Blog Is Like Really Pretty,” while the pencils said, “You Can Totally Blog With Me,” and the tote bags were a mixture of all three sayings!

There were lots of fun treats and little surprises for each of the guests. Each attendee was gifted a custom set of hand made earrings from J’Adorn Designs. The blogging themed cookie favors are from Sugar Studio, the marble gold chocolate gems are from Buttercream Bake Shop and the marbled chocolate treats, macarons and peanut butter gems are from Catherine George Cakes. The rest of the swag like the blogging pencils and the notebooks, I ordered on my own.

I designed the inside contents for the work books and coordinated that with my blogging presentation. The workbook covered topics like how to set a blog schedule and how to develop blog topics and, of course, how to blog faster and more effectively! I wanted the attendees to be able to follow along while I was talking and giving blogging tips, but also have space to write down as many notes as possible. Even though I’m a blogger, I still love to take hand written notes! Lastly, I made the tote bags myself. (I’ll have a DIY tutorial soon on how I made those totes!)

Without anymore words from me, here are the photographs from Joy Michelle Photography….

the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography72of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography22of149-copy the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography60of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography24of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography95of149-copy the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography90of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography49of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography8of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography11of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography9of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography7of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography50of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography37of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography44of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography36of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography58of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography3of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography121of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography114of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography123of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography112of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography99of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography55of149 the-garter-girl-small-business-blogging-joy-michelle-photography141of149

Photo Credits: Joy Michelle Photography

So, there you have it – a small business blogging workshop hosted by me! I hope that you’ll check back from time to time as I’ll be posting and sharing more small business blogging tips and advice for other creative businesses, I already have a few up, if you care to take a peek! Also, feel free to leave me a comment with your blogging questions, I’m happy to answer them and who knows, I might just write a blog post about it!

The following Washington DC area wedding and creative businesses contributed to this workshop:

Presenter & Educator: The Garter Girl
Photography: Joy Michelle Photography
Rentals: DC Rental
Venue: Marigold & Grey
A/V: Bruce Pike Productions
Floral Design: Elegance & Simplicity
Branding: Ribbon & Ink
Catering: Relish Catering
Doughnuts: District Doughnuts
Planning: Simply Breathe Events
Speaker: Mezzohead Media
Jewelry Favors: J’Adorn Designs
Cookies: Sugar Studio
Chocolate Gems: Buttercream Bake Shop
Sweet Treats: Catherine George Cakes

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Announcement: The BYOB Workshop

Are you frustrated with your creative small business blog? On November 15th in Kensington, Maryland, join me and learn how to blog smarter and harder! Registration opens today for The B.Y.O.B Workshop: How To Blog Your Own Business.

Are you ready to tackle your small business blog once and for all? Are you ready to finally learn about SEO? On November 15, 2016, I will be hosting an intensive workshop to teach small business owners exactly how I blog my way to more business and 1,000s of page views each day.

Registration opens today right here. Use the code “earlybird” to receive a $100 discount. (This discount expires Oct 16th!)



Photo Credit & Graphic Design: Ribbon & Ink


Stop letting your blog be a source of frustration and just one more thing on your already over flowing to-do list! While everyone else, including your competition, is distracted with social media, now is the time to invest in your blog and website!
This workshop is very hands-on and there will only be a limited number of seats! You will get a personalized blog review from me, and learn exactly how to get control of your blog. You’ll learn how to blog properly, what to blog, when to blog and how to develop your own list of blog topics to bring you in the kind of business that you want. Plus, you’ll learn how to write a blog schedule and stick to it!

But, wait, I already blog for my business! Sure, you might show up to blog, but are you doing it right? This workshop is for new and seasoned creative small businesses to learn how to blog the right way. I’ll show you exactly how to make every single one of those blog posts count!


Blog Your Own Business Workshop

November 15th
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Marigold & Grey Studio
Kensington, MD

More info + the full details!
Seats are very limited!
Use code “earlybird” for $100 discount


Here is what other local Washington DC area wedding event and creative businesses have to say about my small business blogging advice:

“Juli has helped me improve my blogging skills immensely. She is super patient and is able to explain her rational behind every tip and trick. She always sees “the forest through the trees,” and is very able to simplify blogging – what can seem to be an arduous and painstaking, but necessary business task.” – DC area wedding planner

“I thought I was a pretty good blogger. I blog often and regularly, but Juli taught me simple ways to introduce keywords into my content that drive my site’s SEO. I had no idea how easy or impactful that was to do. I also didn’t know how search engines ready my page, so this was key. I also learned simple, but super important, tips like how to name my image files and my links of each blog post so that I can be found easier in searches. In addition to learning about content writing, I learned to think outside of the box and transform one blog post idea into five so that I really monopolize the SEO for certain keywords. Juli is a content expert and I highly recommend her for those wanting to learn what to blog, how to blog, and how to optimize your site’s SEO.” – DC area creative business owner


For more information about this blogging workshop, be sure to check out my information page on The B.Y.O.B. Workshop.