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Blogging Words & Phrases To Avoid

It is the off season in the wedding and creative industry and this is the time that we are all writing and pre-scheduling blog posts. Off season blogging is so important and I’ve written so many blog posts about stylish wedding garters in the past few weeks – even I can’t believe it! Before you write too many posts though, I wanted to share a few phrases and words to avoid using in your posts and in your writing. Hopefully, this list will help you write smarter blog posts that reach more potential clients!

Are you writing blog posts for your creative small business, but you don’t consider yourself a writer? Maybe you are a floral designer by trade or a wedding photographer and writing isn’t your strong suit. I see common writing mistakes in blog posts, especially when the post is written by creative business owner who is an expert in something other than writing and search engine optimization (SEO). And, I’m not talking about writing mistakes such as grammatical errors or missing pronouns and commas. I’m talking about writing mistakes specifically for blog posts, like using general words or slang that a reader won’t understand. Let me explain…


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Bridal Garter: Pretty wedding garter style; Macarons: Olivia Macaron

There are certain words and phrases that might be fine for conversations in person, but aren’t great for writing blog posts. Furthermore, sometime we all get stuck in our work and need to take a step back and be reminded to write for our readers. With that in mind, here is my list of worlds and phrases to avoid when writing blog posts:

General Words

When writing blog posts, descriptive words matter to your reader and they matter to search engines. You should avoid general words, especially those that have other meanings. For example, did you make a bouquet or a bridal bouquet? Do you design flowers or wedding flowers? Another example, did you design an invitation or a bridal shower invitation? For my business, I try to call my products wedding garters or bridal garters, not just garters. It is good to use as many descriptive words as possible so that your readers, and search engines know exactly what you are talking about in your post.

Misunderstood Phrases

Are you dying to use a certain type of flower? Would you just kill to for one of your clients to wear a certain wedding dress? “Dying to” do something and “killing” for something are slang phrases that are generally fine to say in verbal conversation, but when written down they are harsh, misunderstood phrases. When you write harsh phrases down in a blog post, it can be a little too casual and confusing to a reader and a search engine.

Words With More Than One Meaning

When you write blog posts, avoid words with more than one meaning. For example, are you featuring an engagement on your blog? What is an engagement? In the wedding world an “engagement” is short for a photography session for two people who just got engaged to be married. Outside of the wedding world, an engagement can be a meeting. Just using the word “engagement” without the word “wedding” in front of it is confusing to your readers and to a search engine.

Another example is, did you shoot today? Shoot, what? In every other sense of the word, shoot means to use a gun and shoot someone or something. But, in the wedding, photography and creative world, “shoot” means to photograph something. Shoot is slang, insider talk and it can be easily confused by an unknowing audience. So, if you mean to say that you took a photo of something, then say what you mean.

Search engines search your blog posts for the words that you have written on them. Do you want to be known for the word “shoot” or the word “photograph.” My guess is you probably want to be known for wedding photography. (See above for more on using descriptive words in blog posts!) Write the exact words and phrases that you mean and you’ll be just fine in your blog posts.

Inside Baseball Words

When you write a blog post, consider your audience and use words that your audience would know. If your audience has never planned a wedding before, then using words like “rentals” and “day of” are industry inside baseball type of terms that they might not know. You don’t have to talk down to your audience, they are smart. They just aren’t in your industry. Use words that people outside of your industry would know. Write blog posts with words that you use when you are talking to friends and family who are not in your line or work.


So, that’s my list of blogging phrases and words to avoid. What did I miss? Is there anything not on this list that should be avoided when writing a blog post? Leave a comment and let us know!

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