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Speaking at Engage17!: Owning It Online

What are you doing June 5th through the 8th? I will be in the Cayman Islands speaking at the engage17! Cayman. I will be talking about small business blogging and how to get control of your online profile. As you know from reading my blog posts and my BYOB workshop, it is all about blogging smarter, not harder and I can’t wait to bring that message to all of wedding and event pros at engage!

There are many ways to continue your education when you work in the in the creative and wedding industries. You can find workshops on just about any topic, you can seek out a webinar on anything you need help with, and find an expert on all the things that you need to learn. But, there is no conference like engage! Engage! combines the top professionals in the industry, the best advice from experts who have been there done that, and the most incredible networking that you just can’t find anywhere else, along with the most incredible swag you will ever see in your life!

I attended my first engage! in 2009 in Las Vegas. It was such an amazing experience. The people that I met – many of whom I am still friends with today – and the skills that I learned are amazing. I still talk about things that I learned at my first engage! I’ve been back to engage! a few times, when babies and businesses haven’t gotten in my way. I’m so thankful, honored, and excited to be headed to Cayman Island as a speaker this time. I’ll be hosting a break out session on how to blog for your small business.

Here is what I’ll be talking about…

Owning It Online: How To Work Smarter Not Harder

Julianne Smith is The Garter Girl. She sells modern heirlooms to brides who don’t even think they want a garter. How? By investing wisely in an online presence, solving problems before clients know they have them, and ranking #1 for keywords. It isn’t sexy, it isn’t always pretty, but it works. And, it consistently books business.

Are you totally frustrated with changing algorithms, massive to-do lists, competitors with huge Instagram accounts who have been in business for 5 minutes? What even is SEO and why do I need to care about it? Are you tired of being told to curate your brand and target your ideal client while watching your to-do list grow larger and larger at the expense of actually doing your job?

This breakout session is for those who are serious about taking control of their online profile and their to-do list. It is for those who are ready to focus on what matters, book business and stay relevant for the long-term. Juli will teach you how to ride the waves of social media, and be more effective online with the little time that you have.

In her fun, judgment-free yet brutally honest style, Juli will teach you everything you need to know about your online presence: what it is, how it works and why it is important. You will walk out with action items for the plane ride home, and a brand new perspective of the Internet and your business’ place in it.

Concepts in this breakout session are based on her sold out small business blogging workshop. Juli will show you exactly how to target your market, solve problems for your clients, book business and leave the rest for when you somehow have a million more hours in the day.

Top Takeaways:

  • The importance of owning vs. renting your online presence, and how focusing on Instagram is killing your business.
  • How to invest in your online profile while still doing your job by working smarter, not harder.
  • Why you need to understand and take control of your SEO. (If you don’t know what SEO is, then you really need to come to this breakout session!)
  • How to use your website to book business and solve your potential client’s problems.
  • The difference between blogging AS a business and blogging FOR your business.
  • Why blogging isn’t a dirty word for business owners to fear.


So, what do you think? Would you attend this breakout session and learn more about blogging for your business? More importantly, will I see you in Cayman Islands at engage17!? Remember, there are wedding and create conferences, and then there is engage!

For more small business blogging tips and advice, be sure to check out my blog series on the subject. You can sign up for my email newsletter to get more blogging tips and be the first person to know about any blogging workshops that I have coming up.

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