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The Biggest Wedding Blog Submission Mistake That Every Wedding Vendor Makes

Before I get into the biggest mistake that wedding vendors make regarding submitting their work to be featured on wedding blogs, you might need a little bit of a backstory on why I’m even writing this post in the first place. I’ll keep it short, but suffice to say I know a thing (or two!) about wedding blogs!

Did you know that I used to own and edit a wedding blog for the Washington DC area. True story! For five years, I founded, ran, grew, edited and cried over the Washington DC area’s top wedding blog, United With Love. I loved that blog with all of my heart, I often joked that it was my third baby since I started it a mere two months after my first son was burn. But, as with most small businesses sometimes it is about having the confidence to know when to say when. It was time for the this local wedding blog to grow into the future with another editor and owner. In January, United With Love was taken over by the lovely Tabitha of Roberts & Co. Events, a wedding planning company based in the DC area.

(This bride + groom + bunting photo was the very first image that I ever share on United With Love in the very first blog post!)

Now that I’m on the other side and not the one accepting wedding blog submissions anymore, I’m back to being just another wedding vendor. (I started designing and hand making wedding garters well before the whole wedding blog editor thing ever came into the picture!) I notice now that there is big gap of information between bloggers and vendors. There is quite a bit that wedding vendors don’t know about submitting to wedding blogs.

I’m starting a little series here on The Garter Girl blog that is off the wedding garter topic, for sure. This series is geared more towards wedding professionals. I’m sharing little insider secrets about wedding blogs that I could never really say when I was the blog editor! I’m hoping to help wedding vendors – be it photographers, wedding planners or anyone else who hopes to share their work – make their wedding blog submissions better and more effective. Submitting your work to a wedding blog takes an incredible amount of time. Wouldn’t you rather make smart and purposeful submissions!? The ultimate goal of any wedding blog submission is to get more business through more people being exposed to your work. Better submissions makes happy vendors and happy bloggers!

OK, so onto the topic at hand: the biggest mistake that wedding vendors make when submitting their work to wedging blogs is quite simple. It is that they don’t submit. Truly. The biggest mistake that wedding vendors make is that they don’t actually submit their work to wedding blogs.

Other work or life gets in the way, and the submissions gets thrown off the to-do list. Maybe they are just so busy with the day-to-day of their business that they don’t have time to submit. Maybe they think that the couple will never go for a real wedding feature. Maybe they are so overwhelmed with how much work it takes to submit and don’t know where to start. Maybe they think the wedding didn’t have enough details, or it isn’t pretty enough. Maybe, maybe, maybe!

Another big hurdle to not submitting your work is fear. Fear of being rejected. Fear of being turned down. Fear of being told your work is not good enough. There are so many reasons why vendors don’t submit their work. I could list out a dozen more reasons for not submitting. But, the truth is this: the number one thing holding vendors back from not seeing their work on wedding blogs is that they don’t submit their work to be considered.

I’ve talked to countless wedding vendors and it is typically the same conversation. They tell me that they would love to see their work on a certain wedding blog, but it will never happen. And, then I ask, “Well, have you tried? Have you actually submitted your work?” The answers is almost always the same. No, they haven’t tried. No, they are too busy. No, they will get to it tomorrow, or maybe next week. No, they haven’t made the effort to gather the photos and do the work that is required to make a submission.

You can’t get featured if you don’t submit. Wedding blogs need submissions to survive. (Well, they need submissions and sponsors. But that’s a whole other post for another day!) Wedding bloggers don’t have time to troll the Internet and social media looking for content to feature. They rely on incoming submissions to fill their editorial calendars day in and day out. If you don’t ever share your work, there is a zero percent chance that you will ever get featured.

All wedding blogs have a submissions information page on their site. On this page they list very clearly what they are looking for and in the format that they would like it to be submitted. So, find your favorite wedding blog, look up their submissions guidelines and get out there and submit your work!

So, what about you? What wedding blog submission questions do you have? Anything you want me to tell the truth on!? Let me know!

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