Are you frustrated with the blog for your creative small business? Do you wonder if blogging is even worth it? Is it impossible for you to find the time to write blog posts?

You are not alone. Julianne Smith, owner of The Blogger Girl, is right there with you. Many small businesses struggle with their blog and it is the last thing on their to do list. Juggling the day-to-day operations, keeping clients happy and trying to do all the things seems impossible sometimes.

Julianne is a designer, crafter, blogger, entrepreneur and the passionate founder of The Garter Girl, a stylish wedding garter design company. Julianne started The Garter Girl in 2004, when she couldn’t find the perfect bridal garter for her best friend. Read more about Julianne’s unconventional path from politics to wedding garters to blogs.

Out of necessity, Julianne began blogging for The Garter Girl when magazines and blogs would not feature her handmade wedding garters with their brides-to-be. Julianne took matters into her own hands and began using the blog for The Garter Girl to grow her business and share her modern heirlooms with potential clients. The blog for her business blog allowed her to tell her story, on her terms. No algorithms, no filters, no editors – just Julianne speaking directly to her potential clients.

And, it worked!

Julianne has grown The Garter Girl to be the the #1 website in the world for her keywords. She uses her blog to support her creative small business and sell beautiful heirlooms to brides by sharing her designs and solving problems potential clients didn’t even know they had.

The Blogger Girl is Julianne’s exact method for how to blog smarter, harder and faster for your creative small business. In this age of social media, blogging matters more than ever, but more and more business are confused and stressed when it comes to their blog.

From one small business owner to another, The Blogger Girl shows you how to blog for your business. Julianne shows you exactly how to fit blogging into your life, how to use your blog to book business, and how to grow your business into the future.

Get the blogging online course designed specifically for creative small business. Find out exactly how to get control of your blog – once and for all!