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The 10 Blog Posts You Already Have Written

I’m talking small business blogging today instead of my usual stylish wedding garters! As you may know, I’m having a blogging workshop coming up on November 15th to help other small business owners grow their blog. Check my website for more information about how to blog for your business and register for my workshop.


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As promised, here are some tips about how to blog for your small business. We are all crafters, do-ers, makers and blogging isn’t our full time job! Coming up with topics to blog about that are interesting and compelling can be difficult, especially if you don’t fancy yourself a writer. Not to mention that having the time to sit down and write can be difficult with an already packed, overflowing to-do list of never ending tasks associated with running your business in the real world. Blogging just always seems to fall to the bottom of the list, doesn’t it!?

But, for many reasons that I won’t go into on this post, we know that blogging for your small businesses is important because it helps to bring clients to our website and it helps them get to know us a little bit better. With that in mind, I’m all about finding ways to quickly and effectively write blog posts that will bring me the most traffic and be helpful to my readers. (And, that’s the key to writing compelling blog posts, you need to be helpful to your readers. Show them you are an expert in your field and answer their questions!)

Frequently Asked Questions

So, onto my little secret for coming up with blog posts to write about. Your FAQ page. With your frequently asked questions, you already have 10 (or more!) blog posts right at your finger tips. You know the questions and you know the answers.

If you have a list of FAQs for your business, you have at least 10 blog posts already written. Maybe your FAQs are already on your website or you have them in your bank of documents not on your website. Or, maybe you have answers to commonly asked questions in your email templates or maybe they are stored in your brain and you haven’t written them down yet! Wherever the questions and the answers are that your potential clients ask you the most, hop on over to your blog and write a blog post about each question. You might even be able to get more than one blog post out of one question!

Write the question, write the answer and you are done! Add a photo of your work, schedule it and boom! Blog post written.

Be The Expert

You already have the questions that you readers and potential clients are asking, so now it is a matter of putting out there for the rest of the world to see and to know. Use your blog to show everyone that you are the expert on your given topic. If you never write about something, how will anyone know that you are the expert?

Blog Posts Keep It Fresh

If you have an FAQ page on your website, the chances great are that you don’t update it very often. It just sits there still and isn’t very fresh. Keep this FAQ page on your site, by all means. But, also put your FAQs on your blog as individual blog posts and you’ll see more of a return on your time investment. These blog posts will show your readers that you are an expert and more importantly by doing lots of blog posts it keeps your website current and fresh, which search engines love!


So, there you go! 10 blog posts about your small business that you already have written and you didn’t even know it! That’s just a little piece of blogging advice from me to you, from one business owner to another.

You can find more small business blogging tips on my website and register for the small business blogging workshop right here.

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